On a Wednesday? Snap. Who knew?

Wednesday the 25th of May. Two thousand and eleven.
Cloud Rat/Crow’s Foot/Nothing But Weeds
It was a nice night as far as the weather goes. Not too cold, not too humid, a little damp from the rain earlier in the day. It was a perfect spring night.
The show was a C.L.I.T. Fest benefit. Check the link. Great message. Great people. Respect. The vibe was chill and friendly. I was privileged to over hear a genuinely wonderful conversation. The door guy was talking to his buddy about his garden. Then his buddy and his female companion began to share things about their garden. Cale and Sprouts were among the topics. I was stunned. I was intriged. I felt it was one of those “right place, right time” moments that I always feel so lucky to be a part of. It made me think big picture. Made me very thoughtful and introspective. Listening to the hardcore, feeling the vibe, I felt like I was part of something. Such a positive vibe. So much respect going around. And as Nothing But Weeds mentioned, the courtesy. It was great to see. In a world where so many people are busy not giving a fuck, its good to be around people who give a fuck about something, each other. When people fell, they were picked up. People rocked together. There was a girl who was haveing a little trouble with her shirt, she had such a great 50’s look going, people were helping her with it. Even got her a new shirt when they just couldn’t make it work. Its the little things about these shows and this scene that makes it so special. Its what makes a scene a true scene. Its a family.
Thank you to everyone who made it out. Such an amazing atmosphere.
Big ups to all the bands.
Big ups to Crow’s Foot. Good luck on the road. Be safe. You were soo dope. Excited to throw your tape in the deck. Big ups to Nothing But Weeds, dispite terrible mic problems, you killed it. I dig your sound. Stay positive. Big ups to Cloud Rat, you shred. You rock. Not much more needs to be said. Check all these bands if they hit cities near you.
Here is the C.L.I.T Fest link again. Check it.
Thanks to GRScreamer for keeping me informed, and thank you Thunderdome for being Thunderdome. Respect. Support Thunderdome, support BARTERTOWN.
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