Review : Vivian Girls – SHARE THE JOY

Vivian Girls – SHARE THE JOY
The casual Vivian Girls fan may not even give this album a listen. After 2008’s VIVIAN GIRLS and 2009’s EVERYTHING GOES WRONG you may think you have these girls figured out. You don’t. Right from the get go I was caught off guard with this album. First song The Other Girls clocks in at 6 minutes and 28 seconds. I was expecting trouble. The last song The Light In Your Eyes clocks in at 6 minutes and 7 seconds. Not looking good if you look for short, fast and loud songs from Vivian Girls. I was shocked by both of these songs. They are amazing. SHARE THE JOY is serious. It doesn’t play around. This album is a statement. This album shows that Vivian Girls are a powerhouse. They are going to be around for awhile. They are capable of making more than just short and fast garage rock. They have fine tuned their sound, and perfected it. Its a diamond in the rough of a genera in turmoil.
Grade: A
favs: The Other Girl, Dance(If You Wanna), Vanishing of Time
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