Informal Review : Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – Scandalous

Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears – SCANDELOUS
 How can you not dig the cover art?
Lets get this straight right away. SCANDALOUS is a party. Its a dancing album. Its an all out bad ass album. Its a perfect soul/blues album. Complete with howling horns, and howling vocals. Heavy riffs and banging drums. It makes you want to start some shit. When listening through its manages to give you distinct tracks listenable in any order. But when listened to as a whole it definitly tells a story. A story about love, hate, heartbreak, scandal, pain, fear, joy, and living. By the time “Mustang Ranch” starts, you aren’t concerned at all that the subject matter has turned to prostitution. Its where the record was headed, and its more than OK. Its necessary. Record is fucking great. Get it and turn that shit up loud. I have no complaints about this record at all. Its perfect. It follows the “Bad ass soul record” blueprint.
Grade: A
Favs: Booty City, She’s So Scandelous, Since I Met You Baby
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