Informal Review : Reks – Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme

Reks – Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme

Opening track is produced by Premier, secord track produced by Pete Rock. Amazing way to start an album. Two of the best to ever do it. Back to back. Its solid Premier and Pete Rock. Not all time great beats, but solid enough to know they make Reks shine like only Premo and Pete Rock beats can do. Production throughout the whole album is solid. Reks is a master of the rough gutter rhymes. Reks is from Boston but had I not just told you that you would have thought he was from either Nas’s crew or The Mobb Deep family. Its rugged. Only guest not mentioned on the cover Attica Bars. Attaica Bars is a hard name. Raw. First time hearing of him is here, shines enough for me to keep an eye out for more of his material. Clocking in at an hour it seems a little long. When you really listen though, its worth it, not top of the line, but just the right amount of everything you would want from a rap record. What you would you hope for from everyone involved in this project. Top to bottom, start to finish. Proves they do make them like they used to.

Grade: A-

favs: The 25TH Hour, Thin Line, Cigarettes(w/ Lil Fame & Attica Bars)

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