Informal Review: Drive-By Truckers – Go-Go Boots

Drive-By Truckers-GO-GO BOOTS
Another solid effort from the best workin’ band in America, but also a minor disappointment given how high my expectations are for DBT. Cooley proves for at least the third album in a row that he’s the strongest songwriter, effortlessly churning out Cooleyisms like it’s second nature (which it probably is). The fact that all three of his songs are midtempo country shuffles – basically rewrites of “Perfect Timing” – suggests inertia, but with lines like, “Jesus made the flowers but it took a dog to make the story good / Think about you when I can, and sometimes when I don’t, I probably should,” who really cares? Bigger problem for me is Hood, who, for two albums now, seems to be stuck in this rut of writing meandering, riff-heavy story-songs about the workin’ man’s blues, but what used to be subtext is now all surface – but he scores big with “Mercy Buckets.” That said, it’s better than most of the stuff we’ll get in 2011, but ultimately my least favorite DBT release since A BLESSING AND A CURSE.
favs: “Pulaski,” “Cartoon Gold,” “The Weakest Man”
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