Interview : Ryan Cappelletti from GR is Screaming

A brief interview with Ryan Cappallettie from
TLASN : What made you decide to start your site?
RC : The idea was to create a site so people could see what we have in this area and create a since of pride through that. It’s like when you read a rad interview about a show your band played you get stoked because you can see somebody gives a shit about what you are doing. Also I wanted a different kinda site with info not just a shit talking message board.
TLASN : What do you want people to know about the GR scene?
RC : That it rules, all that makes a great scene is dedication and a positive attitude. What ever area you are from you make it with the energy put forth. I think this state and this area are the next big thing. You see more and more bands getting noticed and it fucking rules!
TLASN : What is your favorite GR venue?
RC : Well I am big fan of the illegal venues. You know the ones that could get busted at anytime, and the shows over. Right now I have to say I am part of a new diner called BARTERTOWN and we are doing shows in the basement and it rules, but like I said it always changes. Keep punk illegal keep it dangerous!
TLASN : What are your favorite releases so far this year?
RC : Tough one, but I will say LOW THREAT PROFILE LP on deep six records fucking kills! Total fast hardcore done 100mph find it and buy it today. It’s the kind of record that makes you want to rip your house apart in good way!


Make sure you check out Its a dope site. Dig it.
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