Diamond Talk : MLB Post season thoughts day one

I want to just launch into “Roy Halladay is the greatest pitcher on the planet right now”. I will contain myself until after I give my thoughts on the first game of the day.

Texas vs Tampa Bay

Texas outplayed Tampa Bay. Cliff Lee looked incredible on the mound. Picked up where he left off last October. Ten strikeouts over seven innings. Only allowing five hits and one run.

David Price on the other hand. Did not expect him to give up two runs in the second. He looked good. Just had no control of his fastball and Texas made him Pay. Plain and simple. He still managed to strikeout eight over sixth and a third innings, but Texas was just to much for him.

Cincinnati vs Philadelphia

Roy Halladay is the greatest picture on the planet right now. Nine innings, eight Strikeouts, only one walk, oh did I mention…NO FUCKING HITS. Yes, the man who brought you a perfect game against Florida on May 29th of this year. He just gave you a no hitter in game one of the NLDS. Nothing more needs to be said.

Video Highlights can be seen here via MLB.com

New York vs Minnesota

Francisco Liriano looked stellar through five innings, But the Yankees are just to strong. They got what they needed before it was to late. Mark Teixeira is just a monster. Definitely the hero last night. I would like to give Nick Swisher the “I’m a poor sport” award for kicking at first base when her grounded out in 8th. Sucker..

For the 40th time in his post season career, Mariano Rivera came in for the save. Can’t say much for CC Sabathia, the bullpen saved him. Kerry Wood looked rattled. But the Yankees hung on to take game one from the Twins.

Great start to the post season.


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