Suicide Squeeze : Diamond Talk w/ SJK

With the regular season coming to a close this weekend, and the post-season starting on October 6th, I just wanted to share some thoughts about the 2010 MLB regular season.

And what a wild season it has been.

Its been a pitchers year. There have been 3 no-hitters(almost four). Two Perfect games. Stephen Strasburg’s incredible rookie campaign(while it lasted). Ubaldo Jimenez’s amazing season. Countless other pitchers have had stellar seasons. The pitching staffs for the playoff contenders are coming together and looking very exciting. A lot to look forward too.

For me the most exciting thing besides the pitched this year has been the rookie class of 2010. To name a few: Tyler Colvin, Starlin Castro, Jason Heyward and Buster Posey to name a few. Yes I am biased towards Colvin and Castro because I am a Cubs fan. It has been great watching those two breathe life into the Cubs future.

Clinched Playoff births as of the publishing of this article:

AL: New York, Tampa Bay, Minnesota and Texas

NL: Philadelphia, Cincinnati

Play of the Year: Yes, it was opening day.

Thats all I got for Diamond Talk for now, I will try and post again once the playoff teams and match ups are set.

Get ready for a wild October.


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