JDH SHOW REVIEW : Delorean (w/ Glasser)

Show Review: Delorean w/ Glasser
July 16th, 2010
The Empty Bottle, Chicago

Yet again I return to the Empty Bottle. Delorean played at Pitchfork the next day
but of course it’s better to see a band in a small venue than an outdoor festival.
The second opener was called “Glasser,” consisting of a classically trained
vocalist and some very darkwave goth beats and instruments (the guy doing the music
was wearing a black cloak lol). The vocalist reminded me a lot of Casey from White
Hinterland. I really don’t know much about her besides the fact that she appeared as a
vocalist on the last track from Settings by Tanlines (also on True Panther records, as are
Delorean and Glasser). I don’t think she has a full length record out so she is definetly up
and coming.

The Spanish band Delorean really beat ass. They caught buzz from their Ayrton
Senna EP last summer; I thought it was good but nothing with staying power. Their full
length Subiza, which came out a couple of months ago, is much more impressive (in my
opinion). They are a very tight band with an awesome drummer and rocked the nuts off of
the sold out venue. Relatively short set that included 5 or 6 of the nine songs on Subiza
and the most popular song from Ayrton Senna plus an encore song. My Spanish speaking
friends engaged them after the show and found out that though they “hail” from
Barcelona, they are originally from the north/Basque region, which makes them Spanish
hillbillies (lol).

I spoke with some guys at the merch table (one of which was responsible for
putting Delorean’s record out on True Panther) and we got into a talk about Beach
Fossils. I said sometimes I just want to listen to their record, sip beer and smoke
cigarettes; another guy simply said “that seems to be all I do lately.”


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