The Freemix post

Cee-Lo Green – Stray Bullets

Pretty much the shit. New and unreleased tracks from Mr Cee-Lo Green. No DJ name drops. Yea, thats right, no name drops. Werd to that. Its a real great listen in preperation for the upcoming Cee-Lo album “Lady Killer”. Due out sometime this year. Most of this is produced by “The Grey Area”. I am unfamiliar with their production, but the cuts on this mix are DOPE. Download it! FREE! Via OnSmash

A Silent Flute Mix – West On Sunset

Sleazy in the best way possible. Stone cold chillin. Smoooooooth.  Download or stream it here. Via Mad Decent

Nas – 20

Nas has been doing it for 20years. Blows my mind. 20years. picks a verse from each year. Its epic.  Here is the download link, the art work, and lyrics. Seriously this mix is so epic. It really makes you believe Nas is the greatest of all time, but then you remember all the verses not on this mix.

No Pic

This next mix, yea, I will let the blog I found it on speak for it. Shit is good, I can say that much. Head here for the skinny and the links. Just so you know what you are in for “exploring scientific themes and concepts through the medium of music.”


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