Strange Boys – Be Brave : Album Review

Strange Boys - Be Brave - 2010 - In The Red

Rock, 60’s R&B, Indie rock…Its all here. Slow, drunk, rambling, hazey…All great adjectives to describe this album. For me it has been a real great change of pace from my listening patterns of this year. Did I mention sloppy? This record is a great listen. Great one to have around the the house for when its time. Early morning, late night, lazy afternoon… Record has its place in everyone’s collection.

With music today, everything seems so calculated, polished, and neat. Whether its calculated lo-fi or over produced pop, everything seems to be really tight and scripted. Its great to hear something that has that “tossed together, put this album out cause its great” feel to it.

Its just a really great record. And a necessary record.

the title track: Be Brave

The Strange Boys myspace page:

In The Red(label site):


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