Vex’d – Cloud Seed : Album Review

Vex'd - Cloud Seed - Planet Mu - 2010

What we have here is a collection of unreleased bangers and remixes circa 2006/2007. Slow rolling, heavy hitting. Classic dubstep as far as I am concerned. The build up is what makes this album the shit. You get lost in the ambiance of the tracks, then next thing you know that ambiance turns into a real deal dubstep banger. I love this shit. Dubstep being the revolving door that is it, you hear a lot of good stuff from the genera, but not all the good sticks with you. This is one that sticks.

Killing Floor(MAH Mix) is a prime example of what this album stands for. Rough static, slow build, heavy bass, funky and dark. Pure gold as far as dubstep goes. If you want an idea of what this album is before you dive in, listen to this track first.

Other stand outs:

Take Time Out(w/ Warrior Queen)
Heart Space(w/ Anneka)
String Quartet No. 2
Great album for newcomers to dubstep and for the diehards.


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