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Office Musik

Bangin -SJK Advertisements

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Not safe for work. Kool Keith is the greatest. Greatest what you ask? I’m not sure yet, but I know he is the greatest something. -SJK

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Listen! #12

Drive-By Truckers – The Fourth Night Of My Drinking Drive-By Truckers – This Fucking Job Drive-By Truckers – Get Downtown/I Told You So -SJK

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James Browns body stolen? update: Body not stolen.

What? Stolen – update: Not stolen – -SJK

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Al Green – Back to back to back to back

I recently had a four album Al Green listening party. I was sitting around one night, thinking about Al when I realized. I have never listened to Gets Next To You(1971),  Lets Stay Together(1972), I’m Still In Love With You(1972), … Continue reading

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Thank you Kanye

These are priceless. I could post these shits all day. Someday maybe I will. -SJK

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