NonStopErotik – Title of the new Black Francis album

NonStopErotik will be release March 30th, via Cooking Vinyl.

I can’t fucking wait to hear track 9


01 Lake of Sin
02 O My Tidy Sum
03 Rabbits
04 Wheels (Flying Burrito Brothers cover)
05 Dead Man’s Curve
06 Corrina
07 Six Legged Man
08 Wild Son
09 When I Go Down on You
10 Nonstoperotik
11 Cinema Star

Black Francis had this to say about the album:

“When I was a boy the plant we boys called a fern was code for vagina, and to this day I love fern plants. In my heart the vagina is almost everything, and almost everything else could be summed up in what cock and seed have to offer; and everything else? The love of the father, dead or alive, the pain of too much pleasure, till death do us part, the voice of another song man from the other side, with or without God, Teri and the Possibilities, where ever you may be, the smell of sex in the air, seduced, slain, on my knees in prayer, sucking at the only thing that matters, my own personal Meret Oppenheim, I am Man Ray and I want you and to be all the way inside you, the cameras whirring as we put some elbow grease into the scene, the audience watching us in the dark.”

Real weird fucking day for music. Real fucking weird day.


Believe me, as soon as I hear anything from this album I WILL post it.


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3 Responses to NonStopErotik – Title of the new Black Francis album

  1. John says:

    Frank, I think you accidentally drank some of Kanye’s juice, bud.

    “You know, baby, the only thing that comforts me after a long, hard day at work is a plate of spaghetti and a little bit of sucking on the only thing that matters. Then I climb into bed, slip some elbow grease on that scene and get all up inside you. Seduced, slain, on my knees in prayer. You know how it is, girl. Damn, baby. Your vagina looks just like a beautiful fern; reminds me of my childhood. Now what do you say you spread them legs and take what cock and seed have to offer – and everything else, too. After all, baby, you know damn well that I’m the 20th-century American modernist artist Man Ray, right? Thanks, baby. You know the vagina is everything to me.”

  2. John says:

    “Do you ever just take a minute and think back to when you were a boy? Sometimes, I just like to think about what it was like growing up. I’ll never forget how I used to run around after school with Phil Johnson, whose dad was the local dentist, and take down ol’ Miss Crabtree’s laundry. I’ll also never forget how we used to remark that vaginas were a lot like beautiful ferns. I think that’s where my love of plants – especially ferns – comes from. Then I’d hear the voice of the father calling me home to dinner, sitting down to eat with my babysitters, Teri and the Possibilities. Teri would show me her vagina sometimes, and sure enough, that was one beautiful piece of horticulture. Just your average American boyhood, I guess. Well, those days are gone now. I’m gonna go jerk off into my fern now.”

  3. stevekucera says:

    “Baby you look good under the tripod, directors we work hard
    Edit your film, every angle like elegant angel, great shot
    Hold your pose, honey be professional
    Watch your earrings dangle for the camera, hold it right there
    You got the answer
    As Tina Turner would say tonight you’re my “Private Dancer”
    On the premises properly, I deal with models
    Like three-part harmony, with skill like Debrye
    Hair cover the side of your face
    I get to see just a little more from the back side
    Show me one of your eyes, the professional photographer

    Professional photographer, professional

    I’m beyond you changin your clothes
    Put this mask on, c’mere Catwoman, take that off, climb into those
    Now you an action figure with boots up to your hips
    With a Halle Berry haircut with light green over your eyelashes
    I wanna see how you pose
    It depends on the perfect outfit and how much you expose
    My perfect Hollywood grand prize star, the deal, we gotta get it closed
    Cindy put a little extra makeup on her nose
    Scars we cover, that’s a cute tattoo, everything goes
    Move the sparkle shorts a little honey
    It’s better when everything shows… the professional photographer

    Professional photographer, professional

    Hold your face, c’mon show me your confidence
    Relax you don’t have real tits
    Your blouse look hot, it’s magnified
    Jim give me her black and white prints
    I love those panties girl, where you get those?
    Red and white your tassles, that show on the side, with lil’ peppermints
    FHM’s greatest, a sensational hit, you’re the latest
    To the public you’re awesome, how can I explain this?
    The portrait is a winner, we gotta do somethin with that
    I love it give me a little more body, turn to the side and twist
    I can see it comin, magazines everywhere
    Start signin autographs right now miss, the professional photographer”

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