Interview : Bogue Millionaires

Repost of my interview with Bogue Millionaires from the old site.

SJK:How long have you guys been playing together?
BM:Since June.

SJK:What inspires you to make music?
BM:Going to really crummy shows.
SJK:Tell me about your writing process?
BM:Top-down management; transparent dictatorship; guitar then words then bass and drums.
SJK:Do you prefer vinyl, tape, cd , or mp3? Why?
BM:Whatever fills your wind sock.
SJK:How do you want people to listen to your music?
BM:However, really. It’s enough that they’re listening. If it’s at a show we’d like it if they danced.
SJK:What are you recording on?
BM:A tascam. And Schweppes.
SJK:Whats your top five of 2009?
BM:We haven’t really listened to anything from 2009. We all listen to a lot of Half Japanese, the Cramps, the Homosexuals, Billy Bragg, Urinals, this sort of stuff. We named our band after a Half Japanese song. The new Homosexuals songs are pretty cool.  The Telephone Callers from Ann Arbor are real good, too. There are probably some other local groups.
There you have it. My interview with my favorite new band. check out their myspace here:
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