Bogue Millionaires – Play Selected Hits with Originals : Album Review

First album review of the year goes to the Bogue Millionaires. Blogs and music sites have favorites, most jock Radiohead and Animal Collective. I’m going to jock these kids. They are the shit. They are doing something special here. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I love it regardless. They will be jocked, HARD. I love what they are doing.

I picked up this tape at their show on January first. They smoked the whole damn bill. They opened the show, in my mind they should have closed the show. They were so damn tight. Snap. First band I saw in 2010 may be the best band I saw in 2010.

The tape is pretty much flawless. Buy it from them for $5

22 minutes of heat. Its raw, its rough, its perfect. 3 Cover songs, 10 originals. Real smokin cover of Daniel Johnston’s Premarital Sex, super tight cover of Echo and the Bunnymen’s Silver. I don’t really know how to review this tape. Its just to fucking good.  Short, fast, tight songs. You can feel the energy. It jumps out of your speakers. There is a human feel to this tape that draws you in and makes you want to move. Its just fucking goooooood. Shit. I can’t write this review. Contact them here, buy the tape, support the band, make yourself happy. Make them happy. Enjoy the fuck out of this tape.

If I had to pick favorite songs they would be:

Hot Meridians
Compact Devices to Scam
Altered Genetics
She Was The One
Weird Values

Don’t have a tape player? Fucking get one.


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