Tinted Windows

Some boardroom at some major record label.

“Here’s an idea! We take a dude from Matchbox20, a dude from Candle Box, a dude from Soundgarden, and a dude from Warrant, put them together, BAM! Music gold.”

“Sounds like a great idea, but how about this instead. A dude from Hanson, a dude from the Smashing Pumpkins, a dude from Fountains of Wayne, and a Dude from Cheap Trick.”

“Oh man, even better idea, lets get those dudes on the phone!”

Fuck the music industry. I fucking give up.

Yes the band is real, Tinted Windows. Fucking fucks. I may just give up on music completely. Fuck. People are that dumb to buy this shit too. People let this happen. Consumers allowed this. Maybe I should hate consumers instead of the labels.



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