R.I.P. Vic

“Surrounded by family and friends, Vic Chesnutt died in Athens Georgia this afternoon, Friday 25 December at 14:59.

In the few short years that we knew him personally, Vic transformed our sense of what true character, grace and determination are all about. Our grief is inexpressible and Vic’s absence unfathomable.

We will make more information available according to the wishes of Vic’s family and friends.”

Don and Ian

Message from cstrecords.com




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One Response to R.I.P. Vic

  1. John says:

    This is such sad news. A terrible way to end the decade, musically speaking. Truthfully, I lost track of Vic this decade, but he provided me with a lot of comfort back in the 1990s. “West of Rome” and “About to Choke” are amazing records.

    Thanks, Vic.

    “A man must make impossible decisions / Surely from time to time / And a man can only stand what a man can stand / It’s a wobbly, volatine line.”
    -Vic Chesnutt

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