The Runaways – Trailer

will it be corny as fuck? more than likely. Can I still hope it will not be? yea, can and will.


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4 Responses to The Runaways – Trailer

  1. John says:

    Why, oh why, must we continue to perpetuate these lies in one biopic after another? “One band could change everything!” “Before 1975, there were no girls in rock and roll!” Nonsense. The Runaways were a great band. Fine. But there is no single artist that ever changed anything, no single artist that ever rewrote all of the rules. Some artists might have pushed a little harder than others, but this Hollywood crap does a disservice to everyone. Can’t the music ever just be enough?

  2. stevekucera says:

    Its all marketing. They have to convince you that their movie is important, and you NEED to see it.

  3. John says:

    Well, on some level, it’s marketing, but I’m not sure it’s all marketing. This seems to be a relatively pervasive way of thinking in our culture. This is the (fill in the blank) that broke all the rules! We’d never seen a (fill in the blank) do anything like this before! The cultural significance of movies and music, sure, but it’s also rampant on the History Channel and Yahoo! News, all over. It’s almost as if the only way we can ever explain the importance of anything is to pretend that it was the only thing that ever did whatever it was we think it did.

    In any case, I saw AVATAR yesterday, and OhMyFuckingGod, this movie has just changed cinema.

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