Lil Wayne

So the Lil Wayne hype machine rolls on. The hipster indie scene is still on his jock. After years of not caring I broke down last month and gave the man a listen. Quite a few listens actually, the man has a massive catalog if you include his mixtapes of fresh material. I’m going to make my points bullet style.

  • As far as commercial rap goes he is interesting and original
  • He has a persona that you cant help but want to more about him
  • Worth the hype? Maybe
  • Greatest rapper alive? Fuck no.
  • He is Ol Dirty Bastard, just a little more coherent and motivated

Before I really gave his music a listen I watched the documentary that just came out The Carter Documentary. He is pretty out there. Drugs of choice: Syrup(codeine cough syrup and sprite) and pot. He is blown out the entire documentary. There is a strange quality to the film, it keeps to interested, in some ways I could watch a lot more film of him.

To sum this shit up, is he worth a listen? Yea, if you have any interest in commercial rap. Sexist, homophobic, dolla dolla bill type shit. Start with Tha Carter II.

The reason I bring this up is this crazy leak story about his new album 500 copies were sent to amazon on accident, amazon just shipped them out. 500 copies sold before its release date. I don’t understand how that happens. Setup to add more hype to the album? Its possible.


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