Fantastic reality TV

Yea, fantastic reality TV is hard to imagine. But there are two shows on right now that represent what reality TV should be. I will break down the shows for you and tell you how fanfuckingtastic they really are.

Jersey Shore: Airs Thursday nights on MTV at 10pm eastern time.

This show is so fucking terrible its brilliant. Its the Real World show, but all Italians. Eight, twenty something year old Italians living in a house on the Jersey Shore for the summer. Getting drunk all the time, being trashy all the time, and just overall being pieces of shit all the time. Its great. I promise. All the characters refer to themselves as guido’s  and guidettes. They are all about tanning, working out, and sleeping around. My favorite character is Mike. He referes to himself as “The Situation”, because his abs are so cut they are “the situation”. He says things like “If I were at a club, and I saw me walk in, I would grab my girl.”

Not much more needs to be said about this show. Trashy Television at its finest. Tune in, don’t miss out on this gem.

Steven Seagal: Lawman : Airs on Wednesday nights on A&E at 10pm eastern time.

Who knew that all this time Steven Seagal was making terrible action movies he was working as a cop in New Orleans? Shit, I didn’t know that, but it makes fucking sense. This show is basically Cops with Steven Seagal. Its is a showcase of how much of a douche bag Steven Seagal is. It plays like a joke, almost to good to be true. Seagal acts as if he has some kind of specail Zen powers that allow him to read body language and know who is up to no good. Its great. Its fantastic.

Tune into these shows and don’t miss out, they are amazingly terrible.


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