Tegan and Sara – Sainthood : Album Review

Tegan and Sara - Sainthood (Vapor/Sire) 2009

Tegan and Sara have been a favorite of mine since I saw them open for Ryan Adams on his solo tour back in the early 2000’s. They are so damn cute it is not possible to see them live and not love it. I have to stay focused here, reviewing the album not how damn cute there are.

Sainthood is the follow up to 2007’s gem The Con. You would think its been more than 2 years since that record came out by the maturity in the sound of this record. It’s a step into a more polished Tegan and Sara. Bad when I first heard the record, listen number one was not so hot for me. I liked the record, but it could have been a throw away. Upon further listens it has really grown on me and turned into one of my favorites of their catalog. It doesn’t share as much insecurity and depth as their previous records but that is a good thing I think. How long could they keep putting out the same record? This record plays like a real great 80’s new wave synth dance party. The album stays with you after you listen, you know you want to hear it again. It’s poppy, honest, and beautiful. Real great songs from one of the most constantly great bands recording today.

My Favorite Tracks:

05:Red Belt
06:The Cure
13:Someday (side note for this track, its one of the best songs they have ever recorded.)
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