Snob’s Music: Top 50 Canadian albums of the decade

Canadian music blog Snob’s Music:

Top 50 Canadian Albums of the decade 2000-2009
50. Soft Airplane– Chad VanGaalen
49. Missiles– The Dears
48. Down at the Khyber– Joel Plaskett
47. The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse– The Besnard Lakes
46. Sounding a Mosaic– Bedouin Soundclash
45. Goddess– Emm Gryner
44. The Beat Stuff– Hannah Georgas
43. New Seasons– The Sadies
42. In the Future– Black Mountain
41. Arm’s Way– Islands
40. Back To Me– Kathleen Edwards
39. He Poos Clouds– Final Fantasy
38. Close to Paradise– Patrick Watson
37. Live It Out– Metric
36. Apologies to the Queen Mary– Wolf Parade
35. Reconstruction Site– The Weakerthans
34. Ongiara– Great Lake Swimmers
33. Are We Not Horses?– Rock Plaza Centra
32. Broken Social Scene– Broken Social Scene
31. Situtation– Buck 65
30. Five Dollar Bill– Corb Lund
29. LP– Holy Fuck
28. Honey from the Tombs– Amy Millan
27. Evil Dead: The Musical– Original Cast Recording
26. Twin Cinema– New Pornographers
25. You Forget It In People– Broken Social Scene
24. Andorra– Caribou
23. Make Up the Breakdown– Hot Hot Heat
22. Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?– Metric
21. I Know You’re Married, But I’ve Got Feelings Too– Martha Wainwright
20. So Jealous– Tegan & Sara
19. Library Voices EP– Library Voices
18. Beast– Beast
17. Neon Bible– Arcade Fire
16. Lost Channels– Great Lake Swimmers
15. Hair In My Eyes Like a Highland Steer– Corb Lund
14. You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine– Death From Above 1979
13. Elephant Shell– Tokyo Police Club
12. Dead Man’s Bones– Dead Man’s Bones
11. The Con– Tegan & Sara
10. The Reminder– Feist
9. Set Yourself On Fire– Stars
8. No Cities Left– The Dears
7. At the Moment of Our Most Needing…– Rock Plaza Central
6. Going Steady– Rah Rah
5. Face Control– Handsome Furs
4. Funeral– Arcade Fire
3. Outside Love– Pink Mountaintops
2. Mass Romantic– New Pornographers
1. Let It Die– Feist

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