Pixies becoming a joke?

When news broke about the reunion tour back in 2003 I freaked out. I never in thought I would see them. Ever. I felt that was the one band that would never get back together. Ever. I was wrong. I jumped on the ticket sales and saw them twice. Once in Chicago and once in Detroit. It was amazing. Life changing. Just an incredible experience.I figured I took advantage of my first and only shot at seeing them. I could not have been more wrong.

The reunion tour continues though 2009, I’m sure they have, or will have, shows booked in 2010. I feel like they have played more shows on this reunion tour than they did when they were first together. I have no evidence to back this statement, but I am sure by the time they are done touring the statement will be true.

All this just makes you wonder: Are they doing it for the money now? Come on, the breakup back in 1993 was a mess. I figured all the members would hate each other forever, or at least all hate Frank. Not the case? Is the money that good? Shit, sell enough of these Minotaure box sets and their kids kids will be set.

I’ll get to the point now. Weird Al, Tenacious D, Flea: People who have played with the Pixies on recent dates. Really? Shit. I’m done with this post now. I will always love the Pixies. But, come on, enough is enough.


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One Response to Pixies becoming a joke?

  1. John says:

    This band, awesome as they were, just does not have the back catalogue to sustain this much non-new-material reunion-mongering. Chicago ’04 was outstanding, but there’s only so many times that Surfer Rosa and Doolittle can be performed live before we all start to get a little tired of it.

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