New Drive-By Truckers album!!!

That’s right! New Drive-By Truckers album!!!

Title: The Big To-Do
Release Date: March 16th, 2010

ATO Records? Yea, the label Dave Mathews and Michael McDonald founded. DBT/DMB tour? Please don’t.

Patterson Hood on the new record: “more rocking than anything we’ve done since disc two of [2001’s] Southern Rock Opera.”

BOOO YAAAAA! That quote turns this fantastic news into fanfuckingtastic news.

Here is the track list:
01. Daddy Learned to Fly
02. The Fourth Night of My Drinking
03. Birthday Boy
04. Drag the Lake Charlie
05. The Wig He Made Her Wear
06. You Got Another
07. This Fucking Job
08. Get Downtown
09. After the Scene Dies
10. (It’s Gonna Be) I Told You So
11. Santa Fe
12. The Flying Wallendas
13. Eyes Like Glue
14. Girls Who Smoke (Bonus track – vinyl only)

Any guesses on the writer of each song?

Here are some 2010 tour dates:
1/28 Huntsville, AL Crossroads Music Hall
1/29 Mobile, AL Soul Kitchen
1/30 Tuscaloosa, AL Jupiter Bar & Grill
2/11 Greenville, SC Handlebar
2/12 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre
2/13 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre
2/14 Knoxville, TN Bijou Theatre
2/25 Charlotte, NC Neighborhood Theatre
2/26 Charlottesville, VA Jefferson Theatre
2/27 Charlottesville, VA Jefferson Theatre

With plenty more dates to follow I’m sure.

Drive-By Truckers official site:


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2 Responses to New Drive-By Truckers album!!!

  1. stevekucera says:

    I revisited “Southern Rock Opera”, in honor of this post. Fucking great record. Minus the non Hood/Cooley tracks. Fuck those songs are bad. Sounds like they could have been on Ryan Adams “Gold”.

  2. John says:

    Dude, I know. I know that for a lot of hardcore DBT fans, this is their crowning achievement. The Hood/Cooley songs are almost all stunners, with some of them (Let There Be Rock, Zip City) among their top songs ever. But the album really slows down when “Wallace,” “Moved,” or “Cassie’s Brother” come on. Like, dead in its tracks. To me, the best thing that band ever did was fire that guy and replace him with Isbell.

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